Friday, 07 May 2021
About IMAC Mortgages Inc.

IMAC Mortgages Inc. will provide the highest level of service available in the mortgage brokerage industry today, through the pursuit of the highest ethical practices, innovative technologies, and


IMAC Mortgages Inc. is committed to building a progressive, efficient and profitable enterprise providing services at a level of excellence measurably superior to that of its competitors. This service excellence will be evident by the outstanding quality of our service and products and the professionalism of all our employees and contractors. Our business relationships will be characterized in the highest degree of honesty, credibility and fair dealing.

Through our consistent pursuit of this goal, we shall establish a tradition of integrity and trust among our employees, contractors and our clients, and build a reputation of a responsible corporate citizen in the community we serve.

About the Mortgage Brokerage Industry

The mortgage brokerage industry is rapidly evolving, as consumers are looking for more effective ways to source mortgage financing best suited to their needs. Consumers are fast realizing that the need a professional to represent their interests in the sourcing and negotiation of mortgage financing terms and interest rates. With a vast array of options now available to the consumer, most have little time to effectively browse the market let alone interpret the nuances of each lender's products. The broker utilizes his experience and knowledge to consistently secure the most attractive financing terms for the client, a point of leverage that few consumers are blessed with. The main-stream mortgage brokerage industry is on the verge of a period of explosive growth. Currently in Canada, 10% of mortgage volumes are derived by lenders through mortgage brokers while 60% are derived through mortgage brokers in the United States. This movement to mortgage brokers has not been lost upon lenders here in Canada. One by one each major lender has addressed this trend by investing heavily in broker service centers as a means of tapping into this rapidly growing source of mortgage business.